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Line Dancing in the Salisbury

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31st December 2019

We held a New Year's Eve party at Laverstock Village Hall with Christmas supper, plenty of dancing, raffle and quiz.  The evening ended with Best of Friends, the Trilogy, Auld Lang Syne and then shooting the moon.

We also picked a nomination for our next 2020 charity which is "Riding for the Disabled, Wilton", nominated by Lin from the West Grimstead group.  We are very happy to again be supporting a local charity.  The raffle has kick-started the new charity already.  Many thanks to everyone for supporting the dance and the team effort organising and clearing up.  Photos below ....

16th, 17th and 19th December 2019

We had a great turn out of Christmas jumpers, hats and tinsel for our last week at the clubs before the Christmas break.  Some of our dances were done to alternative "Christmas music" which was challenging and amusing in equal parts.  See video clip below and photos ....

26th October 2019 - Social Dance at Leehurst Swan School with Peter Shaw

Tickets were sold out for our dance at the Walker Hall at Leehurst Swan school last night with over 100 attending.  The hall, which we've used once before, was brilliant to accommodate both line and partner dancing.  Our singer, Pete Shaw, did us proud singing some of our favourites including Borderline, Codigo, Bonaparte's Retreat, good old Gypsy Queen to name but a few.  We were supported by our friends from Netley Marsh, Two of a Kind, Legion Legshakers, Western Lines, Western Wranglers which made for a lively and fun evening.  Mike did the C&W disco inbetween Pete's slots.  The raffle made £209 for the Salisbury Hospice, Marianne sold shoe bags for the charity and together with other donations, we were able to give £261 to the charity.  The running total this year for Salisbury Hospice now stands at just over £1130, so thanks to all those who contributed.  We are grateful to all those who help in so many ways; those who come early to set up equipment, tables etc., (Fred, Pete, David, Gaye ....), those who sold the raffle tickets (Marg, Dave, Kay ...), those who stayed behind to load our cars.  We are very grateful for the support we get. Everyone said they really enjoyed it and we are thinking of doing these dances more regularly, so watch this space.

See photos of the dance below ..... more to follow ...

20th July 2019

Mulepackers Partner Class took part in a demonstration at Tesco Superstore on Southampton Road, Salisbury as part of a fund-raising event "Dance Beats".  Thank you to Fred and Sylv, Janice and Peter, Elsie and Dave, Ray and Sandy, Carol and Alan and Joyce and Ian for supporting it.  Thanks to Marg and Steph too for coming along to cheer us on!  See video clip on DEMOS,FETES page of this website.


Thanks Marisa for signposting us to a fascinating article on how dancing can reverse ageing in the mind and body.  Click on the link to read this study ...

13.4.2019 - Charity Dance

We had a good turn out of 40 people at our charity dance at Old Sarum Community Centre.  We raised £268 to add to the charity fund (which now stands at £544) so thank you to everyone for coming and for donating raffle prizes and buying raffle tickets.  We had a lovely American Supper and got the amounts just about right this time with not too much left over.  The quiz was to identify dance titles from visual clues - most people getting 14/15 which was quite amazing.  We did a lot of dancing and laughing as usual.  Think most people agree we sorted out the problem of the harsh lighting at the hall by bringing our own corner lights and having fairy lights in bottles on all the tables.  Thanks to everyone who helped set up and then pack up at the end, for help in the kitchen with washing and drying up.  We are grateful for the team spirit - and all for a good cause.  See photo gallery below ....

Belated Christmas/New Year party 2nd Feb 2019

We didn't anticipate having snow and ice for our charity dance, but still had a pretty good turn out.  We had lovely American supper with Turkey, Ham, Stuffing, Rolls, Salads, Quiche and plenty of Sweets, Cakes and Gateaux.  We had a quiz to find out how many of us actually take on board the lyrics of the songs we dance to. (Result: we were all pretty rubbish, but good at guessing which caused a lot of amusement). ...

No, it's not "they'd pump your tyres and check your dipstick/mirror/make up, but actually oil" (White Rose)

And No, it's not "Old soldiers die hard, old bellies/breasts/flags but heads hang low" (Old Soldiers).

The evening made £186.50 to add to the charity fund which now stands at £265; a pretty good start for 2019.  Thanks to everyone again for all the efforts - setting up,  selling  raffle tickets, donating prizes, washing up, cleaning and putting away.  See photos of the party below:

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