Line Dancing in the Salisbury Area
Line Dancing in the Salisbury

Millie, our late Mulepacker Mule

RIP Millie


Millie, the Mulepackers adoption mule, has sadly passed away at the age of 24.  She was struggling with her back and legs and started to feel a lot of pain.  The Donkey Sanctuary had to make the sad decision to have her put to sleep to end her suffering.

Millie was much loved and was sometimes seen performing tricks for the public.  She used to take part in medieval reenactments and if she wanted her food to come quicker, she would sometimes perform her routine of high-stepping backwards for four steps, then forward four steps.  (She was actually practising "Come On and Dance", but the sanctuary hadn't worked that one out!).

Thank you to Sandy and Ray for sponsoring her on behalf of Mulepackers.  We can take solace in the fact that she had a long life and a happy time at the sanctuary.

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Sandy and Ray have  put the "MULE" in Mulepackers by adopting our very own Mulepacker Mule!!!


Meet "Millie" from the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary.  Sandy and Ray have adopted her in memory of their lovely dog, Ollie, and also to mark their joining Mulepackers CWDC.  Watch this space .... she may make the odd appearance.


(First adopted for Mulepackers on 1st December 2016)


Watch Millie by clicking the link above.

May 2022


Millie (our Mulepacker mule) now has arthritis, but is receiving the best care at the Donkey Sanctuary.  See the article opposite.  She is given her medication sandwished between ginger biscuits.  She remains active and happy.

Autumn 2020 update on Millie

Millie is an old lady now, but she has had an exciting life; she has worked for the military and been an actor.  She is now enjoying a happy retirement with her special friend, Jump, another mule and all the donkeys at the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary.  Thanks for the update Sandy and Ray.

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