Line Dancing in the Salisbury Area
Line Dancing in the Salisbury


Saturday 18th May 2024 - West Tytherley Fete

We were asked to do a half hour demo  at West Tytherley fete  and thanks go to Kay, June, Dot, Steph, Sue S, Emma, Julia, Mike, Jan and Pete who volunteered to dance.  We were told it would be short grass in the arena, but in fact, it was pretty hard going dancing on long rough grass, but we managed to fit in  some easier dances, followed by a teaching session of Cowboy Charlston.   The rain held off, thank goodness.  Thanks to those who came to watch and support us too. The organisers gave us a donation of £50 for our charity, so well done team.  Pictures below and film compilation beneath that.

Thursday 20th July 2023, Salisbury Manor Care Home

To celebrate the refurbishment and re-opening of Salisbury Manor Care Home in Salisbury, Mulepackers were asked to take part in their Country & Western themed afternoon.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered to dance -Marg, Julia, Chris W, Kay, Steph, Ray, Gilly, Sharon, Marianne, Sue S and Shirley B.  We got a few members of staff and relatives of residents up dancing with us.  Dave Montana kindly came along and did a couple of sessions singing Country and Western songs for them.  They provided us with free drinks and BBQ and made us all very welcome.  At the end of the afternoon, they gave us a very generous donation to put in our charity fund for the Community Farm at Laverstock - so well done all, an enjoyable afternoon and a lovely addition to our charity.  See photos below ...

Saturday 3rd June 2023 - West Dean Fete

Several of us did a demonstration of line dancing at West Dean fete on 3rd June 23. (Steph, June, Marg, Sue S, Julia, Mike M, Catherine, Annabelle, Karen, Selena, Ray, Gilly, Jan & Pete).  Rob (RJ Montana) sang live for us  The weather was kind to us and we had the chance to wander round and see the owls, birds of prey, crafts, dog show etc.  Thank to Mulepackers who also came to watch and support.  The fete committee are donating to our 2023 charity in due course.  Photos and video clip below ...

Friday 3rd June 2022

To mark the Queen's 70th Jubilee holiday, we did a demonstration of dancing at Avonbourne Residential Care Home where Mel's Dad (aged 95) now lives.  We were very hot, but survived with only one resident falling asleep on us.  Pictured is Mel's Dad in the middle who had a little dance with us (well supported on both arms!). Thank you everyone for making him very hapy.  I really appreciate that. xx

Monday 31st January 2022: Harnham Day Centre

We did a small line dance demonstration for the elderly people who attend Harnham Day Centre.  Michelle currently works there and Mel's Dad used to attend, so there is a personal link.  Apart from one lady doing her Sudoko throughout and two falling asleep, it was very well received!  They loved it and apparently would love us back sometime.  They kindly made a donation to our defibrillator fund raising kitty.  Thanks to David, Michelle, Steph, Marg, Jan & Silv for supporting this.  Photos below ...

Saturday 24th July 2021: Demo at Garden Party in Whiteparish

Mulepackers were asked to do a demonstration at a garden party to raise funds for the local church - this was at Abbotstone House in Whiteparish on 24th July.  We dodged the thunderstorms and rain and got everyone joining in with a couple of easier dances.  Thanks to Shirley, Steph, Chris, Elsie & David, Joyce & Ian, Barry & Sue for turning up in spite of the weather forecast.  Thanks too to Janie, the organiser for making us welcome with tea, cakes and Pimms.  See the video clip below with a compilation of dances. (thank you Denis for being our cameraman).

Mulepackers are often asked to take part in demonstrations at fetes, clubs, public events and private parties.  Below are  details of some we have supported.

Sunday 15th September 2019:

West Dean Club


On Sunday afternoon we provided an afternoon of line dancing and Country & Western music for West Dean club.  We taught 5 or 6 dances, including the Barn Dance,  and several people got up and had a go.

The club passed a jar round for donations for our charity, and gave us just over £51 for the Salisbury Hospice.  A lot of people commented on how much they had enjoyed the afternoon.

Our thanks to Marg, Chris W, Kay, Mo, Diana, Joyce and Ray for joining us and making it such good fun.  Thanks too to West Dean members for making us so welcome.

Saturday 31st August 2019: Wylye Fete

Mulepackers were asked to do a line dancing demonstration at Wylye Fete in conjunction with their band "Ponchartrain".  It absolutely poured down during parts of our demonstration, but we continued all the same.  Below is a compilation of clips from the day.  Thanks to Marg, Steph, Kay, Gaye, Chris, Janice and Pete for taking part.

Saturday 20th July 2019: Tesco "Dance Beats" Charity Event

Mulepackers took part in a dance event at Tesco Superstore on Southampton Road, Salisbury on Saturday afternoon, 20th July.  The partner class put on a demonstration of some of the dances they do.  See video clip below ...

New Sarum WI 2nd January 2019

Thanks to Jenny for inviting us to do a talk and demonstration at the New Sarum WI on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.    Nearly all their members including Ann, Irene and Christine (who come to our clubs) got up to learn Cowboy Charleston.  Thank you Steph, Chris, Marianne, Elsie, David, Margaret and Kay for supporting us.  The WI donated a cheque to our 2019 charity - Salisbury Hospice.

November 2018

We ran a line dancing workshop in conjunction with Jackie Edmett's Stars Appeal fund raising in November.  Here is a compilation of clips from the evening.

West Tytherley Fete 16.6.18

Thanks to Diana, Hilary, Janet, Lin, Liz, Marg, Marianne, Mo, Pat and Ray for dancing on wet grass in the showers at West Tytherley fete.

Wessex Country Fair (raising funds for Salisbury Hospice)  6.8.17

Thanks to Margaret, Steph, Chris, Kay, Elsie, David, Jean and Ray for doing the dance demo at Wilton House.  We have never danced on such difficult grass - newly cut long grass with the cuttings ankle deep!  Have heard that the fair was very successful with targets being met for hospice funds - again thanks everyone.

Salisbury and South Wilts Golf Club

30th September 2016

Mike and Mel were asked to provide an evening of line and partner dancing at Salisbury and South Wilts Golf Club. We were pleased at how many got on the floor to have a go at dancing some basic dances.  The evening was supported by several of our Mulepackers members too - thanks to those who came along.

Chance to Dance  in the Market Square

2nd September 2016.

We had a team of 9 dancers who joined us to put on a demonstration of line and partner dancing, organised by the Arts Centre.  We were really proud of our team who danced on stage and put on a brilliant display.  Thanks too to Dave who handed our details of our clubs to everyone watching!  Thanks too to our club members who came to watch and give us their support.  In spite of some initial nerves, we really did have a lot of fun.

New Year's Eve 2015 

Mike and Mel were asked to do some dancing for the residents at Ashley Grange Nursing Home to accompany a live music session.  It was very lovely to involve the residents and staff and a privilege to have been asked.

18th July 2015

Laverstock Fun Day

8th July 2015


 Mulepackers visited the Guides at Alderbury to show them what their Guide Leader, Carol,  gets up to when she goes line dancing with us on a Tuesday night.  They were extremely enthusiastic, learning a dance to perform for their parents later in the evening. 

30th May 2015


The Riding for the Disabled, Wilton, asked Mulepackers to provide a display of line and partner dancing at their fete.  Our team of about 12 had great fun and it was lovely to get some of the youngsters to join in and have a go. 

18th February 2015 


Our "demo team" joined the W.I. at Porton Hall this afternoon.  After dancing several line dances, nearly everyone got up and had a go at "Come On and Dance".  It was a lovely afternoon; enjoyed by all the W.I. members and us!  We had tea, sandwiches and cakes provided by the W.I. for which many thanks.  As a result of a most enjoyable afternoon, we will be having some new members joining us on a Monday evening. 

20.1.2015:   A whole load of us were joined by the Brownies at Porton last night (19th January) and they learned Cowboy Charleston which they performed for their Mums and Dads.  They were a real credit to Brown Owl.  Fantastic to have the very young and the not quite so young all dancing shoulder to shoulder and helping each other.

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